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Weekly Reader 11/13/15

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

Just over a week until our first competition for the majority of our teams (insert coaches anxiety levels rising here)!  Lot’s of new information in this weeks email, so be sure to review.


WSF Pittsburgh General Report Times:

The final schedule will be released Tuesday from WSF.  Please review the times below for a general idea of when your athlete(s) Report Times will be:

8:00 – 9:00 am — Kappa & Lambda

10:30 – 11:30 am — iota, Omicron & Delta

12:30 – 1:30 pm — Omega & Immortals


Boosters Wing Ding: 

Please don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Wing Ding – there will be members of the Boosters selling them this Sunday at the gym from 12:00 – 7:00 – please be sure to bring your check book or cash!!  If you cannot purchase them on Sunday they are always available at the Front Desk.  The ticket sales will end shortly as we need to get a count to the Grindstone by next weekend!!


Cheer World Competition Hair Master Class:

Bring your daughter, a bow, a pony, hair spray and a brush and learn EXACTLY how to create the mastered Cheer World All Star hair look!  The athlete’s hair should ALREADY be straightened.  This Sunday, November 15th at 6pm.


The Itchy & Scratchy Show:

Part of the “territory” of having a children’s activity center is the threat of lice & other common ailments.  Although we can’t eliminate the risk, we can minimize it.  Please be sure to remind/encourage your athlete(s) to wash their hands, use the hand sanitizer and dress according to the weather .  For the sake of everyone’s comfort, please take the extra steps needed to prevent the spread of lice as well.


  • Check your children on a regular basis.
  • Keep your athletes’ hair close to their head, in a bun or braid, if possible while attending practices or classes.
  • Take appropriate steps if your child is indeed infected.
  • Keep them away form public areas during the treatment of the Lice

Some facts about those little buggers:

  • Lice survive/reproduce on human blood; they can live a short period of time on an inanimate object; the most common transference is from scalp to scalp.
  • There are many products available to treat this problem, including shampoos and electrostatic combs that literally zap the lousy louse to death!
  • A louse or a person that contracts lice is not a result of a “dirty” environment.
  • The best way to kill Lice is to remove it from the infected area and not necessarily use loads of chemicals or sprays


Thanksgiving Schedule: (REMINDER)

As a reminder, Cheer World is CLOSED Thursday, 11/26 – Saturday, 11/28 for the Thanksgiving holiday.  There are still team practices, classes and all programming through Wednesday, 11/25 and resumes on Sunday, 11/29.


Cheer World is going Gold!: (REMINDER)

As stated at the Showcase, Cheer World is supporting the Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer Campaign to raise funds for University Hospitals / Ranbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

We hope to see every Cheer World athlete wearing them at practice, competitions, & even pushing their friends at school to get involved!

The laces are $5 each. Contact Pam Martin at to purchase.  Or you can purchase in the Cheer World Family room on the following days and times:

Sunday, 11/15 11:30 – 6:30 pm

Wednesday, 11/18 4:00 – 8:00 pm

Thursday, 11/19 5:30 – 9:00 pm


Old Couches Apply Here: (REMINDER)

We are looking for a new (used, but new to us is of really what we mean) couch/futon for the athlete lounge.  If anyone has or knows of one to donate, please contact !


Spring Cheer…not Break!: (REMINDER)

This is a good time to remind families that Spring Break travel and competitive cheer do not mix well. One of the biggest competitions in the Midwest, and one of our best chances of a Paid/At Large World’s and/or Summit Bid, is April 1st -3rd in Columbus, OH. Practices missed the week prior to that event are very detrimental to the team and can result in removal from the routine.  It’s a self rewarding system since athletes are bettering their opportunities to earn a trip to Disney just a month later. Further, April is the gear up and focus toward the post season, practiced missed in this month are also detrimental to the team. As always, thank you for your commitment!!



The Cheer World Staff

Picture Day – September 13th

Please CLICK HERE for information no our upcoming Team Picture Day!

Coed Stunt Summer Classes Now Open!!

Register now for our Summer Coed Stunt Classes by CLICKING HERE!!


Both Coed 1 & Coed 2 classes available!


BELIEVE Week is the week following our Full Group Sessions.  Athletes are to attend these small group sessions.  Here coaches get a better look at the athletes’ skills, potential for teachability, and to work group skills!  Please check EVERY list as athlete numbers may be listed multiple times.


Is is important that you attend your time slot; however, if you are not able to make the time please notify

Practice CANCELLED 2/1

Due to the inclement weather, practices for Sunday 2/1 have been CANCELLED.  The gym will be CLOSED at 2:00 pm on 2/1.

Flippin’ Friday are coming back!


Please check our Special Events page for regular Flippin’ Friday dates!

WSF Louisville Information

Please click HERE for all the up to date information for this weekend’s competition!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cheer World is thankful for getting to work with such amazing athletes and families throughout it’s programing, industry and community!  We wish all of our family the happiest of Thanksgivings.

We will be closed Thursday 11/27 – Saturday 11/29 for the holiday.  We will resume the School Year Schedule on Sunday, 11/30.


May your weekend be filled with thanks and love,


The Cheer World Staff

Weekly Reader 11/20/14

This Week:

The first competition for the majority of our program is finally here!!!  The coaching staff is thrilled for Sunday and can’t wait to get this competitive season rolling!  Be sure to review Report Times below.

Alpha families, please note that practice is cancelled for this Sunday due to competition.


COA Holiday Kick Off Report Times:

Please CLICK HERE for the Report & Competition Times for this weekends event.  Please note, the REPORT TIMES listed are when athletes will need to be fully dressed and ready to go & meet the Team Mom’s.  The coaches will take the athletes 15-20 minutes following the Report Times for warm up.

We encourage athletes and families to come early and/or stay later than just “your team(s)” scheduled times to support the entire CW Family!!


Competition Hair: (changed for the 2014-2015 Competition Season)

For the 2014 – 2015 Season, program hair should be FLAT IRON straight, pulled ALL UP in a high pony tail, bow facing forward with tails down.  Tease above the bow.  We are asking that parents please do not just leave hair “naturally straight” we would like to be straightened with a flat iron.   This is what we are most worried about.  Flat, mean flat ironed and not just leave it like it always is.  If parents bring their kids with “naturally straight” hair we need to ask them to flat iron it or at least make it look like you tried to meet the policies, lol.  Thanks!  Please reference HERE for a Program Hair Tutorial video.  This is the look for all Non-Worlds teams for the 2014-2015 season.  World’s teams have a more extensive and time consuming look.

If your athlete has hair that does not straighten, please leave it curly but pull ALL UP in a high pony with bow facing forward.

If your athlete’s hair is too short to pull all up, you may pull it half up, bow facing forward with a tease above the bow.

The bow will need to be bobby pinned down. 


Athlete Pick Up After Practices:

We are asking that parents do NOT form a line to pick up athletes following practices, and to please pull into a parking space to wait for their athlete(s).  We have luckily only had close calls so far, but we have a had a few reports of kids running out from in between the lined up cars and almost getting hit.  We appreciate your cooperation on this!


Flippin’ Friday:

The next scheduled Flippin’ Friday will be December 19th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.   CLICK HERE to register today!


Picture Pick Up:

Starting Monday, 11/24 pictures ordered from Jamie Christian will be available for pick up at the Front Desk.  Each order has a customer service card with it, but if there are any issues with your order please contact


NEOPAT Adopt a Family:
Cheer World has partnered once again with NEOPAT to sponsor local military families in need this holiday season.  The military families have been overwhelmed by our generosity in the past and we hope to do the same for these families that we will adopt this season.  Look for a sign up genius to be sent out very soon with items that the families are asking for.  All items need to be wrapped, labeled and at Cheer World no later than December 14 so that the gifts can be delivered to the families in time for Christmas.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Amy Offredo at  Thank you once again for your support and generosity for these brave men and women who sacrifice so much for this great country of ours.  Happy Holidays
American Cheer Power 12/6 General Info:
Please CLICK HERE for General Information on the upcoming competition in Columbus on 12/6!
If you are interested in supporting the Toy Drive at this event, please review the following information from ACP:
TOY DRIVE COMPETITION:  Bring New Unwrapped Christmas Gifts to be donated to the Salvation Army of Columbus.  Make sure Gym or School name and Phone Number are with the Toys.

Spirit Wear Has Arrived: (REMINDER)

Our spirit wear orders are FINALLY here!  Thank you for your patience.  The pom pullover jersey is a very hot item right now, and we have had to wait for this item through a few backorders.

Please note that if you placed an order for a coffee mug or velocity short, we did not have enough orders to meet the minimum quantity, so you were not charged or will be refunded for that item.

If you ordered iSparkle, that is also available for pick up at the Front Desk.  Please be sure to mention you ordered iSparkle as well!

Also, ANNOUNCING:  SPIRIT WEAR SUNDAY SALE after Thanksgiving (Sunday, November 30)!!   You won’t want to miss this shopping stop as we will have a whole room full of sale items perfect for stocking stuffers at a very special blowout price of $5!!!!


Cheer World Inclement Weather Policies: (REMINDER)

Please be aware of the following:

1.  We do not follow any particular public school closing.  Typically, since our first class begins at 3:30 p.m. or later, we wait until 2-2:30 p.m. to make the decision to close.  In more severe circumstances, we may make the decision earlier.  We typically base our decision off of road conditions, to ensure safe travel & typically don’t take low temperature into account as our athletes are not “waiting for the bus”.  We do take temperature into account during summer.

2.  We will notify you in the following ways:

a.  via email

b.  by posting a message on our website homepage:

c.  on our Facebook page

d.  on our Twitter

e.  by recorded message on our voice mail at the gym.

3.  If in doubt, you can call the gym since we will always try to have someone there to answer your questions (depending on the severity of the weather).  440-792-4027.


Lost’N’Found Relocated: (FINAL REMINDER)

We have moved the lost in found into the “new gym” vs the “old gym” side.  It is located just inside the gym door, in the corner near the utility sink.  We figured having it more accessible to parents was a better option, since it was the athletes who lost an item in the first place:)  Be sure to check this before 11/26 as any items left past that point will be donated to charity.


Zeta Worlds Fundraising: (REMINDER)

be sure to support Cheer World Zeta’s fundraising efforts so they can go to Worlds this spring.  Visit or CLICK HERE to donate today!


Cheer World Competition Policies: (REMINDER)

Be sure to review our policies for the upcoming competitive season.  Please CLICK HERE to view them.  These policies review apparel, behavior & sportsmanship.


Holiday Practice Schedule: (REMINDER)


Please CLICK HERE for our teams Thanksgiving & Holiday Practice Schedule.  Information on our Holiday Team Party is included as well.

If you have any siblings or your athletes participate in Class Pass, Coed or Tumbling Classes, please CLICK HERE for that schedule.






The Cheer World Staff