Showcase Special: Part Duex

Hello Cheer World Families

As a reminder, the gym will be closed for all practices this Sunday, October 18th.  We hope everyone enjoys a day off following the Showcase!

  • Parking
    • As we communicated prior, there is both parking available in the “upper” and “lower” lots.  There is also available parking in the lots to the south end of the schools property (at the opposite end of the school from the gymnasium).  The Ganley Shuttle Van will be making loops to both of those lots.
    • Due to the High School soccer game, the “lower” lot will have more people than normal.
  • Alpha Families
    • Following the scheduled practice, the coaches & Team Mom will bring the athletes back to the Main Lobby area to meet parents.  We have secured the Senior Lounge area for our Alpha Families and athletes to hang out for that “in-between” time.  This area is located just downstairs from the Main Lobby.  Coaches will communicate the official time they will be back to get the athletes prior to start of Showcase.
  • Worlds Make Up & Hair
    • Worlds athletes will receive a text message with instructions for hair and make up.
  • All Star Program Make Up & Hair
    • For returning athletes, you will be pro’s at the style as it’s the same!
      • Make Up: Please CLICK HERE to view an instructional video on how to apply the make up.
      • Hair: Please CLICK HERE to view an instructional video on how to do your athletes hair.
  • Club Cheer World
    • CCW athletes should have hair in a high pony tail with the bow.
    • No make up
  • What to wear for the practice at the High School.
    • Athletes should wear their issued practice gear, with any cheer bow!
    • Following practice, athletes will receive their Competition Hair Bow from Team Mom and/or Coaches.
  • Elderly & Handicap guest
    • Skip the line!
      • Be sure that you notify any elderly or handicap guests that they can go to the VIP Check In table vs standing in line for General Admission.
    • Parking Protocol
      • For guests who reserved a handicap spot or those who will arrive that evening, we will do our best to save adequate parking for our guests in need.
      • If you reserved a spot, please look for our parking lot assistant in the upper lot by the food donation.
    • Last Call to RSVP for special seating or parking.  Please submit all final requests by CLICKING HERE for all elderly and handicap guests.
  • VIP Tickets
    • There are only a couple (literally 2 left) for sale BY CLICKING HERE.
    • You can pick up your tickets at the Front Desk.




The Cheer World Front Desk