Team Bonding and Sibs Party!

Special Announcement at the Sibs Party!!

Reminder: Team Bonding/Sibs Party at Cheer World  — Friday, August 10th 2pm-4:30pm

Katy and Pat are throwing a “Doughnut Party” to announce the gender of thier little bundle of joy!!!  All the athletes will get a treat toward the end of the Sibs Party – a cream filled doughnut.  All of the doughnuts will have traditional white filling BUT ONE of the doughnuts will have either PINK filling or BLUE filling.  If an athlete bites in and sees pink that means a baby girl is on the way and if an athlete bites in and sees blue, then we have another little Pat on the way!  Eitherway, we’re sure this bundle of joy will be our little mascot for many years to come 🙂

What to wear: practice appropriate attire.


Wear a pink or blue shirt, or bow, to show your vote for the gender of Pat and Katy’s baby!

What is a Cheer World Sib?

Big Sib/Little Sib Program:   Each CW athlete has been randomly paired with an athlete on another A special announcement …team.  The sibs program has become an important part of the Cheer World family. This program doesn’t have any large requirements, it just gives each athlete the opportunity to get to know someone that they might otherwise not be aquainted with, and they can cheer them on throughout the season. A hello in the lobby, a homemade card before the first competition or small gifts for birthdays or special occasions are wonderful gestures of this relationship. We will have an organized gift exchange at the holiday party also.  (If your athlete is unable to be at the party, they can arrange to meet their assigned sib at another time.)