Weekly Reader 10/31/14

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

Happy Halloween to all of our spooktacular athletes!  We hope everyone has a safe and fun trick-or-treating tonight, and that the kids don’t eat all there candy before Sunday’s practice.  This week we passed out the “Flip-or-Treat” cards to each athlete.  We appreciate your help in spreading the word about Cheer World and giving you a chance to win a FREE month’s tuition!

48 hours left to order your FREE Warm Up Jackets.  In case you missed it, CLICK HERE for the order form!  Families do have the option of getting the full warm up, the pants are for sale at $50 plus tax.  Try-ons are at the Front Desk if you need to confirm size(s).  We will NOT be able to place a 2nd order for the FREE jackets, please do NOT miss your opportunity.  Please note, that these are the NEW OFFICIAL CW Warm Ups for the next few seasons.

Although we just fell short of our accumulative goal of 3000 pounds in the last 4 years, the C-Dub Nation tipped the scales at 854 pounds of food for the Cleveland Food Bank!  Oh ya, and all of our teams looked amazing for this time of the season.  Thanks again to anyone and everyone who volunteered and helped make this event possible.  We hope the families enjoyed the Showcase as much as the coaches and athletes did!

Finally, don’t forget we get an extra hour of sleep and officially “fall back” on Sunday morning.


WSF Louisville General Information:

We recently received the list of teams and programs attending this mid-December event and can NOT wait to take our program to the 3rd largest competition in our industry all season long.  Programs from all across the country, including those that podium at Worlds, are competing at this event.  This is CW’s first time attending and we wanted to make sure our families understand the magnitude and size of this competition.  It is both a Worlds and Summit Bid event, as well as earlier in the season than our typical large scale events.  The teams we will be up against what will likely be what the post season looks like and we are thrilled for this early season exposure!


Tu Tu’s 4 Treatment:

You will notice a pink box with some Tu Tu’s in it near our front door.  Over the next 2 weeks, this charitable event is trying to collect gently used dance or performance costumes to donate/sell to underprivileged families and groups.  All proceeds will benefit The American Cancer Society.  Although we are not a dance school, we figured many siblings or even current athletes were involved in dance one way or the other and may have some costumes to donate.  You could also donate old cheer bows.  Please do NOT donate old CW uniforms though, as they will not be able to “re-issue” those to another squad.

There is more information on the bulletin board or you can visit https://www.facebook.com/TuTus4Treatment or CLICK HERE





The Cheer World Staff