Weekly Reader 10/8/14

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

Team Picture Day is Sunday!…no, you are not having deja vu.  Be sure to confirm details below for this upcoming weekends Rescheduled Team Picture Day.  This also means uniforms are in!  If you have not picked up your athlete(s) uniform(s) yet, please do so at the Front Desk during office hours.  Many athletes are experiencing sizing issues with the uniforms, but don’t sweat because we found a solution to the problem.  Long story short, the factory skipped a step in production (the final step) in which the “pop” the solid piece of threading to allow the elastic to function.  While this sounds like nothing you want to hear when trying on a new garment, it’s actually a needed step that we typically (and should have) never see.   If you still feel you have a sizing issue, please be sure to schedule a sizing appointment before the deadline of 10/9!  You can do that by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported the CW Boosters Wing Ding!  Not only was it a fun night out, but there was also just under $3000 raised!  Special thanks to the Parma Tavern, along with those who donated in every form to help this night happen.

Finally, this Friday the VIP Tickets will go on sale for the Showcase.  A VIP Ticket gets you priority seating and skip the line at the door.  There are a limited number and go fast, so be on the look out for the email on Friday.


Rescheduled Team Picture Day:

To view information on the Rescheduled Team Picture Day please CLICK HERE.  Please click HERE for the Order Form.  Please note the required hair and make up styles for each team, as they may differ.  Be sure to arrive prior to scheduled times, as that is when we are starting to shoot each team.  We suggest arriving dressed and ready to go 15 minutes prior to scheduled times!  We can not hold up the picture schedule for athletes who are running late!

View the link for the video tutorial byCLICKING HERE for the non-Worlds teams make up design.

Families of crossover athletes, there will be a “Hair & Make Up Station” manned by CW Coaches and veteran CW Athletes to help athletes touch up in-between teams.

Uniform Pick Up & Sizing:

Thank you for the great words we’ve received about the uniform design and look.  We are ALL very excited and can NOT wait to see our athletes in the uniforms!  If you have not picked up your uniform yet, you can do so at the Front Desk during office hours.

With that said, we have had a number of emails and concerns about the sizing of the uniforms specifically the Leotards.  Families have experienced some “popping” and sizing issues.  Please see the explanation below, from the Production Design Director of the uniform company:

During the construction process our sewers will “baste” all of the pattern pieces together using a straight stitch to hold them in place. After this step is done the pieces are serged together with a stretch stitch to finish the construction of the seams. At the end of the process, once the uniform is complete, our workers will pre-stretch the seams to “pop” these straight basting stitches that were used to hold the pattern pieces in place before having the seams serged. Because of the rush to get the order done, unfortunately some of our workers missed pre-stretching these seams before they were shipped out. To pre-stretch, just give all the seams a slight tug or two.  The popping is normal, and is only the basting stitch being broken allowing the serged stretch stitch to fully extend to the full uniform size.  This process can make the uniform feel a full size larger.”

If after the pre-stretching is done, you still feel there is a fit issue, you can CLICK HERE to schedule a Uniform Sizing Appointment with us.  Please do so as soon as possible.  These appointments run from present until Thursday at 5:00.  In order to submit a request for a new size, we have to approve the sizing issue and submit to the uniform company with detailed information.  Anyone with a sizing issue needs to go through this process, even if you have already emailed Pat.

If a new size is ordered, we have no guarantee a new size will arrive in time for the Showcase.  If you do not schedule a Uniform Sizing Appointment, we will assume your issue was resolved by the pre-stretching process. 


Haunted House Fundraiser:

Be sure to visit a “Family Friendly” Haunted House/Yard, hosted by Cheer World Zeta’s Head Coach, Tracy Drowns!  Running from 10/12-31, you are welcome to come anytime for a walk thru, day or night!  Donations at the front entrance to support the CW Athletes.

12043 Padua Drive in North Royalton.

Showcase Information:

For a printable general schedule of the event, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

VIP Tickets sales will go on sale this Friday!  Be on the look out for an email on Friday.


“Stay to Play” & what this means to our families:

Event producers are now using a “Stay to Play” policy for the majority of the events we attend this season.  They do this since the host venue (local convention center, etc) requires proof of how many visitors the event brings into town.  Cheer World would love to not have to utilize these services, but unfortunately have our hands tied by the event producers with consequences going as far as disqualification.  We feel it is a bit of an over the top threat, but it would be horrible if our athletes performed at their best but were penalized due to staying outside of the approved hotel list.

For families traveling to Dallas this season, this policy is 100% mandatory.  We will be sending out a Formstack in November to collect needed confirmation numbers, etc.  There is a Housing Exception Form that must be submitted by 10/31/14.  “Exceptions will be approved or denied by 11/14.”





The Cheer World Staff