Weekly Reader 11/7/14

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

We are thrilled to welcome back Flippin’ Friday for some fun open gym style entertainment for our athletes and friends from the community.  The event is tonight, 11/7 6:30 – 8:30 for $10 at the door for NEW or CURRENT athletes.  CLICK HERE to register now!

As competition season is only a couple weeks away, be sure to review our Competition Policies & Procedures below.

Finally, be sure to support Cheer World Zeta’s fundraising efforts so they can go to Worlds this spring.  Visit gofundme.com/fkqkic or CLICK HERE to donate today!


COA Holiday Kick Off General Information:

For the General Schedule of the 11/23 COA event in Columbus OH, please CLICK HERE.


Cheer World Competition Policies:

Be sure to review our policies for the upcoming competitive season.  Please CLICK HERE to view them.  These policies review apparel, behavior & sportsmanship.


Holiday Practice Schedule:

Please CLICK HERE for our teams Thanksgiving & Holiday Practice Schedule.  Information on our Holiday Team Party is included as well.

If you have any siblings or your athletes participate in Class Pass, Coed or Tumbling Classes, please CLICK HERE for that schedule.


WSF Louisville General Information: (FINAL REMINDER)

We recently received the list of teams and programs attending this mid-December event and can NOT wait to take our program to the 3rd largest competition in our industry all season long.  Programs from all across the country, including those that podium at Worlds, are competing at this event.  This is CW’s first time attending and we wanted to make sure our families understand the magnitude and size of this competition.  It is both a Worlds and Summit Bid event, as well as earlier in the season than our typical large scale events.  The teams we will be up against what will likely be what the post season looks like and we are thrilled for this early season exposure!


Tu Tu’s 4 Treatment: (FINAL REMINDER)

You will notice a pink box with some Tu Tu’s in it near our front door.  Over the next 2 weeks, this charitable event is trying to collect gently used dance or performance costumes to donate/sell to underprivileged families and groups.  All proceeds will benefit The American Cancer Society.  Although we are not a dance school, we figured many siblings or even current athletes were involved in dance one way or the other and may have some costumes to donate.  You could also donate old cheer bows.  Please do NOT donate old CW uniforms though, as they will not be able to “re-issue” those to another squad.

There is more information on the bulletin board or you can visit https://www.facebook.com/TuTus4Treatment or CLICK HERE





The Cheer World Staff