Weekly Reader 12/18/14

This Week:

Season’s Greetings!!!  Only a few days left before we go on the Holiday Break.  Remember the final team practice will be this Sunday, with the Holiday Team Parties on Monday.  Be sure to review the Holiday Schedule below, and remember we are CLOSED from 12/23- 1/3!

HOLIDAY “SNACK and DRINK” SIGN UP: Please click HERE to sign up to bring snacks or drinks to the Holiday parties.  Cheer World is covering the pizza!

We look forward to seeing many excited faces at our Frozen themed Santa Brunch & Bounce this Saturday.  There are still a few spots available to register, be sure to view more info below!

What a weekend in Louisville for Cheer World!  We hope the families enjoyed this larger scale of a competition as much as the coaches and athletes did.  It was exciting to see our teams compete against the best of the best on the east side of the Mississippi!

Warm Up Pick Up:

Warm Ups are ready to be picked up at the Front Desk!!  Please grab yours by Sunday’s practice or you can get after the Holiday Break!


Uniform Return:

If you were a part of the uniform re-order/return please be sure your “old” uniform is returned to the Front Desk in a bag with athlete(s) name on it.  We need to send them back to the vendor.


NEOPAT Thank You!:

It was a special site to see the bountiful amount of gifts under the tree the Cheer World Family donated to support the NEOPAT organization and make 3 local military families holiday extra special!  Thanks again to all of the families who supported this amazing cause, both from Cheer World and NEOPAT’s.


WSF Wrap Up:

This past weekend brought some great success and opportunity for our all the teams who attended.  As a program, we won specialty awards and are proud that 4 of our teams placed in the top 3.  With over 11,000 athletes and almost 600 teams, it was an exciting event to be a part of.

The results page will be for the next 2 weeks, to view please CLICK HERE.


Athlete Essay:

At Cheer World we aim to be life coaches first, and cheer coaches second…but be the best at both.  It’s moments like this that we like to share, as they validate our mission, vision and purpose.  Below is an essay an athlete of ours wrote….enjoy:)

Prompt: Describe a place that you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?

Contentment Is Colored Blue and Black

To some, contentment is a day at the beach; waves crashing on the shore, and the cool ocean breeze counteracting the sweltering heat of the summer sun. For others it’s lounging around in their favorite pajamas, chai tea latte in hand, watching a full season of “The Office” on Netflix. Ironically, the place that I feel most content is also the place where I experience the most pain, sweat, frustration and F.A.T.E. My nirvana is called Cheer World All-Stars, my cheerleading gym in Brecksville, Ohio. To many, it’s just a 14,000 square foot warehouse filled with miscellaneous mats, big blue spring floors, and long, bouncy trampolines, but to me, it is like a therapist, or even a best friend, there for me during good and bad days alike. My blue and black colored oasis is always there, ready for any emotions that I may throw at it that day. When I am happy, I tumble, frustrated, I stunt, I know that nailing a difficult tumbling pass, or hitting a complicated stunt sequence can turn my mood around in an eight-count! Aside from the concrete objects and solo tricks, I also find contentment in my teammates and coaches. They offer refuge within the uncertainty of daily high school life by cheering for me both literally and metaphorically. Whether competing on the mat, or doing wave tumbling during practice, I can always count on my best friends to be cheering me through it no matter where they are on the floor. They act as my family, my teachers, and my confidantes. We bring out the best in each other, and are always there to lend a hand when one of us needs it. The gym is a place where I experience togetherness, camaraderie, and overall, contentment because I can always count on those eighteen people, to push me to be my best. I am thankful to have my coaches that have guided me in my collegiate cheerleading preparation, aiding me in searching for schools with renowned programs as well as using their connections to get me known to university coaches. I know that I am blessed to have eighteen brothers and sisters, as well as my two coaches that are like fathers to me that will stand beside me throughout life in and out of the gym!

I feel that my teammates and coaches have well equipped me to be able to successfully take on this next chapter of my academic career. Because of them, I have become a team player, and I appreciate the diverse ideas and work ethics that I have and will encounter in my studies. My coaches have encouraged me to respect authority, but not hesitate to pave my own path and follow my heart. They have engraved in me over the years to strive for selflessness in an out of the gym. The gym’s mantra from the beginning has been the acronym F.A.T.E., which stands for focus, attitude, teamwork, and effort. Whenever we lack an aspect of F.A.T.E., we are encouraged to evaluate the four areas and problem-solve to make our F.A.T.E. whole again. Because I have spent so much time under the umbrella of this philosophy, I plan to take my F.A.T.E., along with all of these other important life skills, with me to college and beyond. Wherever this next step in my studies takes me, my F.A.T.E. will always follow!


Alpha Added/Rescheduled Practices: (REMINDER)

Alpha families, be on the look out for information on some rescheduled practices after the new year!

A Frozen themed Santa Brunch & Bounce!: (FINAL REMINDER)

We are looking forward to a great morning for families to enjoy time together with our trampolines, inflatables and more.  Each guest will get a Pancake brunch with a visit from Santa and his Elves!  Oh, and it’s a Frozen themed event!

Come join the fun on Saturday, 12/20 from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.  To register now log in to your Customer Portal and search under Events!  All guests, including parents must be registered online!

If you have any friends who’s kids might love this event, please send them this link: http://www.cheerworldallstars.com/events/santa/

Flippin’ Friday: (FINAL REMINDER)

The next scheduled Flippin’ Friday will be December 19th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.   CLICK HERE to register today!


Holiday Practice Schedule: (FINAL REMINDER)

Please CLICK HERE for our teams Thanksgiving & Holiday Practice Schedule.  Information on our Holiday Team Party is included as well.

PARENTS – please click HERE to sign up to bring some snacks and drink, Cheer World is covering the Pizza.

If you have any siblings or your athletes participate in Class Pass, Coed or Tumbling Classes, please CLICK HERE for that schedule.


Zeta Worlds Fundraising: (FINAL REMINDER)

be sure to support Cheer World Zeta’s fundraising efforts so they can go to Worlds this spring.  Visit gofundme.com/fkqkic or CLICK HERE to donate today!






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