Weekly Reader 12/4/13

Hello Cheer World Families,


This Week:


We are so excited for this weekends competition with 12 teams from the C-Dub Nation taking the mat!  With just over 200 athletes from our program competing, Cheer World is about to take over this event.  We are thrilled to welcome 4 of our teams to their first event of the season.

We welcome Kappa, Alpha, The Immortals and our Special Needs squad, Zeta take hit the competition floor!  This is a local event and it is FREE admission.  We hope to see athletes and families come early and stay late to support every team while they compete!

Finally, we apologize for the technical difficulties in the last few newsletters, as for whatever reason (we are not an IT company) the links would not work once posted to the website.  Hopefully this new format works much better for everyone!


JAMfest Cleveland:

Please CLICK HERE to view the times for this Sundays competition information.


Vacation Notification & Attendance Policy Clarification:


The Cheer World program has made major strides in growth and development the past few seasons.  That growth has not only been with the athletes skills, or numbers, or new gym space, but with the expectations of what it takes to be a championship program.  We completely understand that families may choose to go on vacation at a time that is inopportune for our program and we hope families can understand that we must make decisions that are in the best interest of our teams and program.  Attendance leading into a competition is vital.  If an athlete misses two or more practices leading into a competition, they will be removed from the competition.  This is especially true for un-excused absences, and vacations during competition season are un-excused as indicated in our   Attendance Policies.


So that the coaching staff can properly plan for any adjustments needed, we have put together a Vacation Notification Form, which you can fill out by CLICKING HERE.  We are aware that the American Cheer Power Midwest Nationals event, scheduled 3/28-30 & the Cheersport Cleveland event, scheduled 4/5 may conflict with “Spring Break”.  Both competitions are important (as any competition is important), but the American Cheer Power event is the largest competition held in Ohio, as well as a Worlds and Summit bid event.  We appreciate our families understanding on this matter.


Holiday Team Party:

On Monday, 12/23 we will be hosting our Holiday Team Parties.  Please see the times listed below as to when your athlete(s) are scheduled for their party.

9:30 – 11:30 am (Youth teams and below) – Alpha, Beta, Lambda, Gamma, Delta

12:00 – 2:00 pm (Junior teams and up) – Epsilon, Kappa, Omicron, Sigma, Omega, Immortals

*If an athlete is a crossover between the age division, they are invited to attend either party or both if they so choose!

Following the Holiday Parties, the gym will be closed from 12/24 – 1/1.  We will resume our School Year Schedule on Thursday, 1/2.


Stay off the floor!:

We wanted to give a reminder to all parents and family members that they need to stay off the floor during a teams practice.  For the safety of our athletes as well as parents, only coaches and CW athletes are permitted past the tiled area of the gym.  The coaching staff will always do their best to be available prior and post practices (when possible).

If there is a matter in which a parent wishes to schedule a meeting with the coaches, please email pat@cheerworldallstars.com


Pop Up Pro Shop Recap:

Many families visited our Pop Up Pro Shop this past week and we sold out of a ton of items.  All items that remain will still be available in our Spirit Shop near the Front Desk year round!  We are excited to see all of the families in their new CW Gear at the upcoming competitions!


NEOPAT Adopt A Family:

We are excited to announce that once again we will be partnering with NEOPAT (neopatriotism.org) this holiday season to adopt military families from Northeast Ohio who may need some extra help.  These families have made sacrifices to keep our country safe, now it is our turn to show our appreciation.

The families that we adopted last year were overwhelmed with our Cheer and Gymnastic families’ generosity.  We hope to do the same this year.  As NEOPAT receives families that need assistance, they will match them up with us.  Please drop off gifts to the CW Front Desk.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Sing Up Genius & to see what items the family we are helping needs!


Crossover Billing:

Emails were sent home with the fee schedule and payment plan for crossover athletes.


Bring it On:

Tickets are almost SOLD OUT to attend this special night with the Cheer World Family!  Please CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.  Be sure to use passcode : cheercw


Salvation Army Bell Ringing: (FINAL REMINDER)

We have two open slots we still need to fill on Saturday, 12/14 from 3-4 & 4-5!

We have 1 hour time slots from 10am til 6pm.   Athletes under 16 must have a parent in visible range.  Multiple athletes can ring during the same hour slot.  They should wear CW Attire – REPRESENT!

Please CLICK HERE to sign up today!


Slow Down!: (REMINDER)

As winter weather is here in full effect, please remind all teen drivers to go slow when pulling into the gyms parking lot!


Don’t pick the foam: (REMINDER)

We have had a lot of students and siblings “picking the foam” as they sit on the edge of the spring floor.  Please remind any kids doing this to stop as it’s ruining our floor!






The Cheer World Staff