Weekly Reader 1/29/16

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

It’s gonna be a great weekend in Cleveland with Champion Cheer Central’s Nationals event!  We are excited for our Half Year Cheer team, Baby Goddesses, who will compete for their first time.  We also have every All Star team competing, our Special Needs team, and it’s World’s Bid event as well.  We hope to see as much extended CW Family at the event though out the weekend, make sure everyone knows we #runthistown!    Report Times for the event are listed in sections below.


Please note there is NO Sunday practice this weekend!  Since teams throughout the program compete on both days, we are unable to have practices for the other teams.  This means that the “weekday” practice next week is 100% MANDATORY for ALL TEAMS competing at Athletic, or Worlds level.  Please keep this in mind throughout February, we have several back to back weekends, which make the weekday practices that much more important to attend.  If your athlete(s) have to miss, please contact pat@cheerworldallstars.com.


CCC Report Times:

Please click on the links below for the weekends Report Times.  These were sent home earlier in the week as well.

Please CLICK HERE for Day 1 Report Times (Baby G’s, Alpha, Lambda, Delta, Epsilon, Immortals, and Omega)

Please CLICK HERE for Day 2 Report Times (Kappa, Zeta, Iota, Omicron, Omega, and Immortals)



Athletic Championships – Columbus 2/6-7:

There is currently no information available on the General Schedule.  The Event Producer noted growth in the event and re-doing schedule by adding another convention hall.   We will share information as it’s available.


CHEERSPORT Atlanta Schedule Released:

To view the competition line up for CHEERSPORT Nationals, please CLICK HERE.  Be prepared…it’s a long list.


Summer Break…who else is tired of the cold?:

Well, we don’t have cabin fever that bad yet (talk to us at end of February) but it’s never too early to plan for Summer Break!!  Many families are asking, and we do appreciate that!  Cheer World will be closed for it’s Summer Break from July 1st-10th.  We appreciate our families doing their best to schedule Summer Camps, Vacations or anything else that takes the kids out of the gym, while we are closed.


Mark your Calendar’s: (REMINDER)

On Saturday, March 26th we will host our Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Open Gym!  We know some of our athletes have “outgrown” the idea of an Egg Hunt, but anyone can attend the Open Gym.  Help spread the word for this great family focused event.  Please CLICK HERE for more information.


Seasonal Reminder: (REMINDER)

Winter is here in full effect…unfortunately.  Every year around this time, we like to give a friendly reminder to families and athletes about safe practices in our parking lot.  First, please remind your athletes that after checking in at the Front Desk, they should place their belongings in the cubbies located in the gym.  Not just “dropping them” on the lobby floor.  If needed, they should also kick off their boots and carry them to the cubbies so they aren’t tracking the snow and salt onto the gym floor.  Second, please DO NOT “line up” the cars during heavy pick up times.  This leads to our young athletes running out in between cars, and you can imagine how dangerous that can get.  Please park in a spot, come in to the gym to meet you athlete(s).  Finally, we live in Cleveland…yes the kids are getting hot and sweaty in the gym, but we see lots of shorts and no jackets running out into the frozen tundra we call home…please make sure your athlete(s) are dressed appropriately to keep everyone healthy all season long!

Boosters Collection Reminder: (FINAL REMINDER)

There are still MANY families who never turned in the Boosters Fundraising Cards from earlier in the season.  Each athlete was issued 2 cards to sell in efforts to support the fundraiser.  Families who did not turn in the cards or the money will be charged $21 on their CW Account.  If you have any questions, or to confirm if you are on the list or not, please email boosters@cheerworldallstars.com





The Cheer World Staff