Weekly Reader 1/30/15

This Week:

Another weekend, another competition!!  Good luck to almost 200 Cheer World athletes this weekend, with representation from our entire All Star program, Half Year and Special Needs Team!  Be sure to review the schedules below, and we hope to see as many fans as possible on Sunday morning to support both Omega and Immortals as they go for that Worlds Bid!

 This past weekends event in Akron was a success, along with the Flyer Open held at the gym this past Saturday.

Finally, the Sign Up Genius is out for help with our Presidents’ Day Cheer Camp.  Looking forward to another successful fundraising event for the CW Boosters!


Champion Cheer Central Hard Rockin Nationals (1/31-2/1*) Report & Competition Times:

Please note that ONLY Omega & Immortals compete on both Saturday and Sunday.  All other teams only compete on 1/31!

Day One (1/31) – CLICK HERE

Day Two (2/1) – CLICK HERE


Superbowl Sunday (2/1) Practice Schedule: (FINALREMINDER)

Below is the schedule for the Sunday practices on 2/1 (Day of CCC Comp & Superbowl). Worlds teams will compete in the am and we urge families & athletes throughout the C-Dub Nation to attend in support of Omega and Immortals.  Omega and Immortals do NOT have practice that Sunday because they competed; however, the crossovers still have practice.

We have made every accommodation possible to practice AFTER the bid event and be done BEFORE the Super Bowl, we appreciate your understanding in making any adjustments so the teams can still have a productive practice!

12:30 – 2:00: Theta
1:30 – 3:00: Sigma and Epsilon
2:30 – 3:30: Alpha
3:00 – 4:30: Kappa and Beta
4:30 – 6:00: Omicron, and Delta

Athletic Championships Report & Competition Times:
Please see below for both Day 1 and Day 2 schedules for next weekends event in Columbus, OH.  Please note that these times will most likely adjust and a final schedule will be sent out next week.  All teams attending compete both days at this event.
Day One (2/7) – CLICK HERE
Day Two (2/8) – CLICK HERE
Presidents’s Day Cheer Camp:
We are a couple weeks away from the Presidents’ Day Cheer Camp!  This is an AMAZING opportunity for our athletes to help raise funds for the CW Boosters and help out new and interested kids (Ages 4-11) in a one day camp.  For this event to happen we need participation for our All Star athletes on many levels, from instructors to performers, be sure to sign up below.
We need help in the following areas:
#1 – Athlete Trainers needed: ages 12 and up to help teach participants the cheer routine.
#2 – Athlete Performers : all ages/all teams!  We encourage all athletes to come from 11:30 – 12:30 to perform for the participants.  We would love to have an entire team there to perform a full out!
#3 Bake Sale– we need bakery, chip, and drinks – delivered by Sunday, Feb 15th.
Thanks for your help making the Boosters largest fundraiser a success!
All Star Games Updates:
Balance payments will be processed with the February billing unless payments made prior to 2/2.  Please direct any questions to aj@cheerworldallstars.com




The Cheer World Staff