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This Week:


We are happy to welcome back all of our athletes and families to the gym after the holiday break and get right back to the grind in 2014!  Although mother nature tried her best to extend the break, we are eager to get back to the regular schedule and prepare our amazing athletes for the remainder of the season.


There is a lot of NEW information in this weeks email, so please be sure to review.  Most importantly, if you have not filled out our Vacation Notification form yet, be sure to do that by this Friday!


Finally, although our new facility offers the space and equipment that Cheer World has never had before, we do realize that the design does not lend to the best “parent experience”.  Because of this, we need to remind parents and families to “STAY ON THE TILE”.  Although the intentions are good, for the safety of the athletes on the floor, as well as the parents, only coaches and athletes are permitted on the spring floor/matted area.  If a parent has a question for a coach, or wishes to set up a meeting with them, remember to email pat@cheerworldallstars.com and we will set that up!


Vacation Notification & Attendance Policy Clarification: (LAST CALL)


Please submit Notification Forms by Friday, 1/10!!  We are building a schedule around the provided information to accommodate as best as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation on this matter!!


The Cheer World program has made major strides in growth and development the past few seasons.  That growth has not only been with the athletes skills, or numbers, or new gym space, but with the expectations of what it takes to be a championship program.  We completely understand that families may choose to go on vacation at a time that is inopportune for our program and we hope families can understand that we must make decisions that are in the best interest of our teams and program.  Attendance leading into a competition is vital.  If an athlete misses two or more practices leading into a competition, they will be removed from the competition.  This is especially true for un-excused absences, and vacations during competition season are un-excused as indicated in our   Attendance Policies.


So that the coaching staff can properly plan for any adjustments needed, we have put together a Vacation Notification Form, which you can fill out by CLICKING HERE.  We are aware that the American Cheer Power Midwest Nationals event, scheduled 3/28-30 & the Cheersport Cleveland event, scheduled 4/5 may conflict with “Spring Break”.  Both competitions are important (as any competition is important), but the American Cheer Power event is the largest competition held in Ohio, as well as a Worlds and Summit bid event.  We appreciate our families understanding on this matter.


Lambda / Kappa / Sigma – Rescheduled Practices from 1/2:


Due to Inclement Weather last Thursday, January 2nd, we had to cancel practices.  Please CLICK HERE for the rescheduled times for teams that missed practice that day (Lambda, Kappa, Sigma).  The scheduled make up is on Saturday, January 18th.  We appreciate families making accommodations in getting your athletes to these rescheduled practices so the teams can safely prepare for upcoming competitions.


Revised Practice Times Omega / Omicron / Immortals:

This notice is to serve as a reminder and update to the practices scheduled on 1/18 for Omega, Omicron & Immortals.  In the past, we have added a Saturday schedule for Team Omega. This has been a huge help to our team during the most most competitive part of our season. This year, we have decided to add this schedule for all Level 5 teams. Many of the teams we compete against practice 3, 4 or even 5 days a week through the season. Our coaching, experience, lesson planning and philosophies help us stay highly competitive without increasing the commitment of an already demanding sport; however, adding these few Saturday practices assists in the preparation for some of our biggest and most competitive competitions.

Please CLICK HERE for updated schedule.

Team Tumble CANCELLED Saturday 1/18:

Due to rescheduled practices from Inclement Weather, we are canceling all Team Tumble classes for Saturday 1/18.


Cheer World Inclement Weather Policies:

Please be aware of the following:

1.  We do not follow any particular public school closing.  Typically, since our first class begins at 3:30 p.m. or later, we wait until 2-2:30 p.m. to make the decision to close.  In more severe circumstances, we may make the decision earlier.  We typically base our decision off of road conditions, to ensure safe travel & typically don’t take low temperature into account as our athletes are not “waiting for the bus”.  We do take temperature into account during summer.

2.  We will notify you in the following ways:

a.  via email

b.  by posting a message on our website homepage:  www.cheerworldallstars.com

c.  on our Facebook page

d.  on our Twitter

e.  by recorded message on our voice mail at the gym.

3.  If in doubt, you can call the gym since we will always try to have someone there to answer your questions (depending on the severity of the weather).  440-792-4027.


The Curtain Call for Bring it On:

This is the final opportunity to purchase tickets for Bring it On! The Musical coming to Akron this February.  This will be a fun, exciting night for our athletes, coaches and families out of the gym and are looking forward to it!

Tickets can be purchased HERE  Please be sure to use the PASSCODE: cheercw

General Schedule GLCC Akron:


Please CLICK HERE to view the General Schedule for the GLCC – Battle at the Lake, scheduled for Saturday, January 25th in Akron, OH.


General Info GLCC Chicago – The Showdown:


We have had a lot of questions on the format of this event.  This is a 2 day event, meaning all Cheer World Teams attending this event will compete both Saturday & Sunday.  Awards follow the Day 2 performance & the score is cumulative from both days performances.  This is also a Worlds Bid event, which both Omega & Immortals will be vying for a bid the first time this season!


Because of the length of travel, we do ask all athletes arrive by Friday evening into Chicago.  A six hour car ride or missed flight never help our chances for success, and coaches stress levels.


Although we encourage families to stay and support teams through out the weekend, athletes are dismissed once their teams awards have ended on Sunday.  Please note these times are tentative and subject to change per the event producer, so plan travel accordingly.


Please CLICK HERE to view the General Schedule for the GLCC – The Showdown, schedule for February 1st & 2nd in Chicago IL.


CHEERsport Nationals:


We are just over a month away from traveling to Atlanta Georgia for CHEERsport Nationals with 6 of our teams.  This is the nations LARGEST competition with 1000+ teams at one event!  We are so excited to be apart of this amazing competition and for our athletes and families to experience the spectacle that is, CHEERsport Nationals!


If you want to be overwhelmed…CLICK HERE.  This is last years performance order, just to give you an idea.


Post Season Information: (REMINDER)


We will be releasing more information on our “Post Season” in the next 2 weeks so families can plan any needed travel and fully know what to expect.






The Cheer World Staff