Weekly Reader 4/10/15

This Week:

This past weekends Easter Egg Hunt and Open Gym was fun family event, thanks to everyone who helped out to make this possible!

We are currently finalizing a location for our End of Season Banquet.  Unfortunately Cleveland Browns Stadium is still under renovations and they are not ready to host our event.  Information will be out to families ASAP on location, tickets, etc.  As of now, it’s looking like the evening of Tuesday, May 12 is when it will take place.



2015 Post Season Raffle:

What’s a better way to support our Post Season athletes besides a chance to win a $1000?!?  Get your raffle tickets today at the Front Desk, or from an athlete on a Post Season team for only $10, and you’ll be entered into a raffle with 3 prizes!

Kappa, Omicron, Omega & Immortals Families… the CW Boosters are asking that each athlete participate in this fundraiser by selling a minimum of 3 tickets each.  You can “sign out” tickets at the Front Desk.  Any unsold tickets should be returned by 4/17.  *Please note, in order for an athlete to benefit from this fundraiser, they must participate in this fundraiser.

Class Pass Adjustment:
Attention all Class Pass athletes: due to scheduling adjustments/end of season, May Class Pass will only run from 5/1-5/14.  Because of this, we are discounting that month to only $33 vs the normal $55.
Gym Closed 4/26:
The gym will be closed for all practices on Sunday, 4/26 due to the Cheerleading Worlds.  Now the day is open to having Worlds viewing parties!!
Placement Evaluations:
It’s hard to believe that the 2015-2016 Season is right around the corner!  This will be YEAR 10 for Cheer World All Stars as a program and YEAR 3 for Cheer World as a business.  We couldn’t be more proud or excited!

To honor our 10th season, we are doing a couple of Early Bird Deals!  

Early Bird Placement Fee: If you register before 5/1, you receive $10 off of your Placement Fee ($40 before 5/1 and $50 5/1 and after).  Returning members LOG IN TO ACCOUNT THROUGH PORTAL to sign up today!

Early Bird Team Membership Fee: Pay a $250 deposit toward your Team Membership Fee prior to 5/1 and you can LOCK IN last season’s Team Membership pricing for the year!  CLICK HERE to opt into this offer.

Bed Sheet Fundraiser: (REMINDER)
The CW Boosters are having their annual Bed Sheet Fundraiser!  Be sure to order your 1500 thread count sheets and support the post season athletes at CW!  Please CLICK HERE to download an order form.  Deadline to order is 4/18 and please submit forms and payments to the CW Front Desk.




Coach Melissa’s Baby Shower: (REMINDER)

You are Invited to Coach Melissa’s Baby Shower

Sunday, April 19th — 4:15pm – 5:00pm

How you can participate ….

Gifts = Diaper Drive

Drop a package of your favorite diapers (any size) at the gym in kitchen area.  You are also welcome to donate any amount towards a purchase of a Baby’s R Us Gift Card.  Card for your signature and envelope for donations will be at front desk in Blue Basket

Deadline:  Thursday, April 16th

Cake and drinks will be provided

ADDITIONAL STUFF:  There is a post by the front desk for athletes to guess when Baby Ward will make her appearance.   Winner will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card and bragging rights!




Post Season Add-On: (FINAL REMINDER)

We officially are NOT adding the competition on 4/18.  As expected, there were too many conflicts for each team.
World’s Athletes Info: (FINAL REMINDER)
Omega & Immortals athletes, the USASF has issued a NEW POLICY effective this season.  All athletes must have a valid picture ID to get into the warm up room.From the USASF…“Please start having your athletes get a state issued ID, a school ID, a passport and/or a drivers license in order now No photo copies will be accepted.  The original ID must be presented each day of competition.”





The Cheer World Staff