Weekly Reader 4/8/16

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

Still can’t get over the performances Omega put out this past weekend!  Not only did the team take 2nd in their division, they had the 2nd highest score of the ENTIRE competition (that is 2 out of 600+ teams), the 2nd highest out of 54 Worlds Level teams, and only 4 tenths of a point behind the team that took 2nd in the WORLD last season.  Oh, and they won a Full Paid Bid to the 2016 Cheerleading Worlds!  And they were just the cherry on top to AMAZING performances by ALL of our CW teams!

Remember to help spread the word for next weeks Mini Mania, a FREE event for athletes to come check out what Cheer World is all about!  Be sure to share the information below.


ACP Wrap Up

Please see below for our programs results from this past weekends competition, wrapping up a great regular season for 2015-2016!

Alpha – 5th Place

Lambda – 4th Place

Delta – 2nd Place & Showmanship Award

Epsilon – 3rd Place

Kappa – 5th Place

iota – 3rd Place

Omicron – 4th Place

Omega – 2nd Place


Share your memories:

We need photo submissions for our end of season video for the banquet.  Please submit pictures of your athlete(s) and/or the teams (even parent/fan pics if you have any) to pictures@cheerworldallstars.com  Please submit by Monday, May 2nd.


Burrito Time:

Show your support for Omicron and head to Chipotle in Brecksville on Tuesday, April 19th between 4-8pm and show THIS FLYER (Click Here to Print) and  50% of your order will go towards fundraising efforts.


Announcing our C-Dub Love Spirit Contest:

Adrianna Dowdy!!!  Adri, you can pick up your BOW at the front desk this Sunday!  Thank you to EVERYONE who showed their spirit for our end of season competition.


Cheer World Family Room Policies:

Just a reminder, whether we are athletes or parents, we are all passionate for this sport! Let’s all try to support everyone, including our gym! Please try to keep negative thoughts and opinions out of our family area.  Negative comments affect everyone, and our “Family Room” should be a peaceful area where we can sit and watch our teams and athletes grow.  Any concerns or thoughts can always be bought to AJ or Patrick, we welcome them.  Thank you!

Please CLICK HERE for a reminder of the Parent, Athlete and Coach Promise Statement.


Boosters April Newsletter:

Please CLICK HERE for the April CW Booster Newsletter!


Post-Season Practices: (REMINDER)

The Post Season Practice Schedule is available to view for each team by CLICKING HERE.  Please note there are practice adjustments for ALL teams in the All Star program effective April 4th and continuing through end of season.


Save the Date: (REMINDER)

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 10th for our end of season Banquet.  More info to be released soon!


Tryouts for 2016-2017: (REMINDER)

Registration is NOW OPEN for the upcoming All Star season!

The coaching staff and program is excited to announce that we have changed the evaluation process from seasons past.  We have moved to and “Individual Evaluation” vs the large group evaluation from years past.  This will provide more opportunity for your athlete to really show where they are in skill progressions.

We also have two Tryout Prep “Get It” Clinics scheduled.  These clinics will be a great opportunity for your athlete(s) to work on their tumbling and jump skills, along with instruction on the Tryout Dance.  These are not required to attend and we will post a video of the Tryout Dance in Mid April.

For more information and to register, please visit our Tryouts webpage.



Mini Mania is a FREE event happening April 15th 6:00-7:30pm at Cheer World!  Please help spread the word to bring youth aged friends and siblings in for some Open Gym Fun with some of our younger CW teams.  For more information please CLICK HERE.


Welcome to the Main Event: (FINAL REMINDER)

Following Mini Mania on April 15th, families should make their way to St John’s Church in Parma to watch a “JD Smooth” ( a Cheer World dad) wrestle “Matt Cross” (former GW gymnast).  Bell time is at 7:45!  We don’t want to forget to mention that AJ will be the special guest ref for the match.  So break out your championship belts, and jump from the high rope, cause this is going to be a FUN event!


The Cheer World Staff