Weekly Reader 6/12/15

Hello Cheer World Families,


This Week:

So last week we sent the “First Official Email”….this week is the first official Weekly Reader of the 2015-2016 season for Cheer World All Stars.  This weekly email will serve as our primary communication throughout the season.  The email will be sent near the end of each week over the summer.  Although this email will be a bit lengthy, please be sure to read through so you don’t miss important details regarding your athlete(s) involvement and experience this season.

This newsletter will be emailed home and posted on the website, which you can locate by clicking the “Portal” tab.  From there you would click “Weekly Newsletter” and you will see an archive of all emails from this season.  (Well, currently you will only see this weeks, but each week more will be added)

Summer practices are in full swing and the athletes and coaches are working hard!  Please continue to have your athlete(s) bring their running shoes to practice.

Finally, on our list of important dates in the Cheer World Way packet, there was a “Basics Camp” listed for this weekend, that is NOT happening.


C-DUB Fam Jam:

The first event of the season is only a few weeks away!  The C-DUB Fam Jam is our beginning of season event for our ALL of our teams and families in the All Star program.  It’s a great social event for both athletes and parents to come and get to know the family.  There will be food and games, along with an open gym for the kids (parents too I guess, but you’ll need to sign a few waivers).

To make this event happen, we need some volunteers!  Please CLICK HERE if you are able to help out on the day of, or donate some food/drinks.


Family Connection Program Reminder:

Please CLICK HERE for information on our Family Connection Program.  A program to link NEW families with RETURNING Families!


Mandatory Choreography and Camp Schedule:

Please CLICK HERE to review the choreography schedule if you have not done so already.


Vacation Formstack Reminder:

If you have not yet submitted your vacations and planned absences over the Summer, please do so ASAP!  CLICK HERE to submit!


Save the Date:

Our Team Picture Day has been scheduled for Sunday, September 13th.  A more detailed schedule will be released closer to the actual date.


Flippin’ Friday:

The summer schedule for Flippin’ Friday has been updated on the website and registration is open.  The hours have adjusted from our School Year Schedule, but from 5:00 – 7:00 pm on 6/19, 7/17 & 8/21 come join the open gym fun!


Flip Factory #1 is next week!:

Registration is still open for our Flip Factories next week.  For more information and to register today, CLICK HERE!


It’s time for a Car Wash:

Sign up today to support the CW Boosters annual Car Wash & Hot Dog sale!  Taking place on Saturday, June 27th at Discount Drug Mart in North Royalton.  We are still looking for volunteers to help with the day, to sign up PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Junior Coaches Program!:

We are VERY excited to announce our BRAND NEW Cheer World Junior Coaches Program!  Please CLICK HERE for more information or to apply!


Uniform Sizing and Payments:

We are using the same uniform as last season for ALL of our teams (Program, Omega and Immortals).  If you are new to Cheer World, or are in need of a new uniform, you need to be sized prior to ordering.  ALL SIZING MUST BE COMPLETED BY 6/24/15.  If you are unable to make a time listed below, please contact kelly@cheerworldallstars.com to arrange a sizing appointment.

Wednesday 6/17 & 6/24: 3pm – 4pm or 7pm – 8pm

Monday 6/22: 7pm – 8pm

Tuesday 6/23: 7pm – 8pm

ORDERING PROCESS (PLEASE READ): Upon sizing, all families will receive a sizing sheet with their listed sizes.  This sheet needs to be submitted to the front desk, with a 50% deposit, by June 24th at 8:00pm to have a uniform orderedIf you would like to attempt to buy a used uniform, you can do so between being sized and the June 24th uniform order date.  YOU MUST STILL BE SIZED, even if you are purchasing a used uniform, to confirm you are purchasing the correct fit.

If you do not submit the uniform sizing form, along with 50% deposit, by June 24th at 8:00pm, you will not be in our first round of orders and may not receive your uniform in time for pictures.  Orders past this date will be subject to additional shipping and handing charges.

PRICING: ALL Team Uniforms (Except Immortals) are $400.00 plus tax.  A 50% deposit is due at the time of ordering (June 24th).  Balance payments are due by July 16th.





The Cheer World Staff