Weekly Reader 8/14/15

Hello Cheer World Families,


This Week:

Only a few weeks left of our Summer Schedule.  Remember to please notify the Front Desk if your athlete is going to be late to practices due to school conflicts for the remainder of the Summer Schedule.

Once the School Year Schedule begins, it is CW’s policy that athletes can NOT be dropped off at the gym more than 30 minutes prior to scheduled practice/class.  Likewise, they must be picked up within 30 minutes of the conclusion of scheduled practice/class.  If an extenuating circumstance requires the need to do so, please confirm with the team coach or Front Desk on a case by case basis.  Sunday crossovers are an exception to this rule.


Got Cubbies?:

We have more now!  Please let your athlete(s) know that all athlete belongings must be stored in the cubbies located inside of either gym.  They should NOT leave their belongings in the lobby or on ANY tile floor area.

Boosters Discount Cards:

The Booster board has decided to extend the deadline to August 31st to sell the discount cards.  Everyone must either sell 2 or return the 2 that they have.  We are encouraging everyone to grab a few more cards from the front desk and sell as many as you can!!  We will also be selling them at the car wash and are looking at other alternatives to getting these cards sold.  So look for future sign-ups!!!!


CheerSport Atlanta “Stay to Play” Exemption Form:

We have had numerous questions regarding the “Stay to Play” policy for events this season.  Cheer World, along with every other program attending Varsity events this season are required to comply with the “Stay to Play” policy.  The event producers have even gone as far as disqualification for not complying with these policies.  Ultimately, CW’s hands are tied and need our families to abide by the policy.

There are ways out of the requirement, which you can find by CLICK HERE and submitting an Exemption Form.


Charter & Shuttle Bus RSVP:

Please respond to this by August 21. Cheer World is offering these transportation options as a courtesy and service to our families. Final prices depend on how many people are utilizing the services. Transportation times for each city will be determined after the competition times are set.  Please CLICK HERE to RSVP today.


Typo Correction: (REMINDER)

We caught a typo in our “Important Dates” that we released earlier in the season.  The gym is NOT closed on 8/30 & 31 for Labor Day, since this year Labor Day is 9/7.  This means there WILL be Sunday practices on 8/30.  The gym will be closed 9/6 & 9/7 for the holiday weekend.

Car Wash & Hot Dog Sale Sing Up!:

The rescheduled Car Wash & Hot Dog Sale will take place on Saturday, August 22nd from 10:00am – 2:00pm.  We need volunteers to Sign Up again!  Even if you signed up for the original, we need you to “re-sing” up to make sure our spots are filled. Hopefully those who couldn’t make the first date are able to make the second!

Please CLICK HERE to sign up today!


Make Up Kits: (REMINDER)

Attention Alpha, Lambda, Delta, Epsilon, Kappa, iota & Omicron families:  Make Up Kits are at the Front Desk and available for purchase.  These are the same kits as last season, so returning athletes may not need to purchase another kit.  The kits are $24.99 plus tax.  We will be hosting a “how to apply” clinic for team parents, as well as supplying a video on this years look.  For any new families, and to be certain we are all on the same page, all CW All Stars are required to wear the Make Up design on competition days.

Worlds athletes will receive a separate email with explanation of make up needs.


Book your Hotels for the Season!: (REMINDER)

Please CLICK HERE for the spreadsheet that contains important hotel booking information for the entire season. Hotel blocks have been secured at most of the competitions.  If the block is not open yet, this information will be available in an updated spreadsheet in the upcoming Weekly Reader correspondence.  Thank you for understanding that the competitions require us to block these hotels through their housing companies because of the “Stay to Play” policies in place.  We try to comply and have families stay in these blocks as much as possible.  For NCA Dallas, this policy is strictly enforced and the team can be disqualified if you do not stay in the reserved hotel block.  We have gotten on every list at the earliest possible time and have tried our best to be as close to the competition venues as possible for each city.

We have had several questions regarding on when to book travel for competitions.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information on General Schedules for the events at this point than what can be found on the Event Producers websites.  As a general recommendation, any of the flight travel competitions we recommend planning on departing Friday and returning Monday.  CW Policy is that all athletes must arrive the day before we compete for any out of town events (Regional Events such as Columbus & Pittsburgh do not fall under the “out of town” category), as we don’t want athletes traveling all day then competing, or running the risk of a delayed/missed flight etc.  Once an athletes awards session is over, they are dismissed from the competition.

Please note that some of these blocks have imminent deadlines – If you are traveling to Indianapolis or Atlanta and wish to stay in the block, please reserve your room before August 1.

Each hotel has different cancellation policies which can be found when you enter the reservation site.

If you have any questions about hotel booking, please contact Julie Lyden at slyden@hotmail.com or 440-552-2907.


Choreography Clean Up Schedule: (REMINDER)

Please see the schedule below for the Mandatory Choreography Clean Up-

Saturday 9/26-

Omicron 9am – 12pm          Lambda 9am – 12pm

Delta 1pm – 4pm          iota 1pm – 4pm

Sunday 9/27- *Please note there will be NO regular scheduled practices on this date

Omega 12pm – 3pm          Alpha 12pm – 3pm

Epsilon 12pm – 3pm          Immortals 4pm – 7pm          Kappa 4pm – 7pm



Save the Date: (REMINDER)

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 16th for the first CW Boosters fall Cheer Camp!  Just like our Presidents Day Camp, this is a fabulous fundraiser for the CW Booster Club. This is also a great for opportunity for our older All Star athletes to instruct and run this day camp.  More information will be out soon from the Boosters!




Due to the upcoming Choreography in August, we will need to cancel some practices to accommodate the needs of the choreography schedule.

Monday, 8/17/15-

Omicron, Delta and Team Tumble (Alpha still has practice and Tiny Tumbling is still scheduled).


Choreography and Camp Schedule: (FINAL REMINDER)

Choreography Camps are under way.  Please CLICK HERE for the Choreography Schedule.  Adjustments from originally posted schedule are noted in RED.




The Cheer World Staff