Weekly Reader 8/15/14

Hello Cheer World Families,

This Week:

It is hard to believe we are already half way through August and school is just around the corner, or may have already started.  Please note that our Summer Practice Schedule remains for one more week, with the School Year Schedule is starting 8/25!  Be sure to check out the new School Year Class Pass Schedule below, which begins Tuesday, September 2nd.  Please note there is NO CLASS PASS the week of 8/25.

The new gym floor looks more like a retail shop with racks upon racks of dresses for the Say Yes to My Dress event, being held Saturday, 8/16 10:00am-5:00pm.  With over 350 dresses donated we hope to see a lot of patrons come and purchase a dress to support our cause!

Delta, Epsilon and Kappa families be sure to refresh your schedule for this weekends Stunt Camps with our special guest instructor from Pro Athletics!

Finally, we are now accepting registrations into Club Cheer World and our new Half Year Cheer program.  These are great opportunities for friends of your athletes or siblings who are thinking about joining competitive cheer but are not ready to make a full year commitment!  Please send them to our website for more information.

Class Pass Schedule:

The School Year Class Pass Schedule begins on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Please CLICK HERE to view the schedule.

Please note that there are NO CLASS PASS CLASSES the week of 8/25!


Team Meetings: (REMINDER)

To help improve communication between our parents and coaches, we are scheduling parent meetings with each team throughout the season.  Some teams have already had their first meeting and the rest will be scheduled soon.

These meetings are to:

1) Provide an opportunity for the parents to meet the coaching staff.

2) Provide a forum for clear communication on team goals, pursuits and expectations as well as questions parents may have.


Uniform Updates: (REMINDER)

Uniforms have been ordered!  The prototype is in and final adjustments are being made to the design.  We are 4-6 weeks from delivery!

Balance payments for uniforms are due 8/22.  The balance is the second half of the uniform payment of $200 plus tax ($216 total).



Adjusted Choreography Schedule: (FINAL REMINDER)
Please  CLICK HERE  for an updated version of the August Choreography Schedule!  Please remember that these camps are MANDATORY for the successful start of a competitive routine!   Alpha choreography is done in practices, so they do not have any additional days and times.  The normal Summer Schedule will remain in effect during the choreography camps, except for a few adjustments, see below.  Crossover athletes are still expected to attend their regular scheduled practices, even if they have choreography the same day.  The coaches will make adjustments for crossovers to limit their conditioning, etc but it is important they are still at practice.




The Cheer World Staff