WSF Louisville Information

We are so excited for this weekend’s upcoming competition in Louisville!!  Report Times and information below.  Please note that although similar, there are differences between Day 1 and Day 2.  The Awards schedule is a separate document as well.



12/13 – Day One – revised 12/10


12/14 – Day Two – revised 12/10


12/14 – Awards


CLICK HERE for the Parent Packet provided from WSF with all other needed spectator information!


Updated Information regarding Bus Trip to Louisville: 
Friday:  We will LEAVE CW at 4pm Friday.  You may leave your car in the parking lot or arrange for transportation to be waiting for you when we return in the early hours of Monday morning.


PACKING:  Your luggage will go under the bus.  You may have a small bag on the bus for pillow, food etc.  There will not be an extra row to store any luggage on the bus; you will have your bag at your feet or on your lap.  Important note:  Please keep your athlete’s uniform and competition shoes and bow in a bag ON the bus.


* Please bring any movies that all ages could watch

*There is a bathroom in the back of the bus, but we recommend trying not to use it.  We will have 1 quick stop to go to the bathroom about halfway through the trip.

* Please bring a packed dinner as we will not be taking time to stop for food.

* On Sunday, make sure you put your luggage on the bus when you check out before the last shuttle time of 12:15.

* The last award time on Sunday evening is now scheduled for 9:25pm.  At that time, everyone except that team may load the bus and then we will be ready to take off as soon as those families can run to the bus.  We ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation to get on the road just as quickly as possible.


If anyone is planning on taking the bus to Louisville but has an alternate ride home, please make sure to get that information to Julie Lyden at


Shuttle Information:


Miller Transportation buses will be shuttling back and forth from the Expo Center to downtown hotels the entire weekend, the Hyatt hotel stop is at the Corner of Jefferson and 3rd



Our personal bus will provide shuttle service at the following times.   If you are not a paid bus rider, you may also take these shuttles if there is room, but please tip the bus driver.  The bus will leave promptly at the provided times.

Saturday, Hyatt to Expo:  6am, 7am,  10:40am, 1:15pm, 3:15pm

Saturday, Expo to Hyatt: 9:15am, 1:45pm, 9pm

Sunday, Hyatt to Expo: 6am, 7am, 10:40am, 12:15pm (12:15 is for paid bus riders only as the bus needs to be loaded and packed with all luggage at this time)

Sunday, Expo to Hyatt:  9:15am, 11am